AiR Exhibition - St Nicholas' Cathedral, Newcastle

The sculpture of Robert Wyatt, along with three images is currently being exhibited in a group exhibition at St Nicholas Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne. The exhibition features AIR (Artists in Recovery - from serious and harmful addictions). I am a recovering alcoholic and have been sober since October 1986. The sculpture is about 90% completed; most of the work left to do is at the back of the work. Also, all of the holes have to be plugged and there is a lot of gluing to do. The exhibition opened on Saturday 10th August and runs until 15th September. Opening times are available on the cathedral website.
'Design for a Cor-ten Steel Miner', 2018. Copyright 2019 John O’Rourke PhD. All Rights Reserved. Protected with, Reference Number: 7606220719S039

Design for Cor-ten Steel Miner. J.ORourke 2018.JPG