AiR Exhibition - St Nicholas' Cathedral, Newcastle

The sculpture of Robert Wyatt, along with three images is currently being exhibited in a group exhibition at St Nicholas Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne. The exhibition features AIR (Artists in Recovery - from serious and harmful addictions). I am a recovering alcoholic and have been sober since October 1986. The sculpture is about 90% completed; most of the work left to do is at the back of the work. Also, all of the holes have to be plugged and there is a lot of gluing to do. The exhibition opened on Saturday 10th August and runs until 15th September. Opening times are available on the cathedral website.
'Design for a Cor-ten Steel Miner', 2018. Copyright 2019 John O’Rourke PhD. All Rights Reserved. Protected with, Reference Number: 7606220719S039

Design for Cor-ten Steel Miner. J.ORourke 2018.JPG

A work in progress by John O'Rourke

There are three buildings inside of his cranium and Robert has placed something within one of them. I've no idea what it is, nor will it ever be revealed. The beard is currently in progress and then I have his hair to add. All of the holes will be plugged with cross grained oak, to fully match the components. Following that there will be further forms to create below his head, mainly architectural but with Romanesque influences: I love the Lewis Chessmen and without mimicking them in any way, there will be an indirect allusion to their form.


Sentius Tectonicus

After a very extended break, while creating 'Sentius Tectonicus', I have recommenced working on an oak piece entitled 'A Robert Wyatt Construction Kit'.

IMG 1 by J.O'R (2).JPG